Accent Physiotherapy provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of a wide variety of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. While we treat a large number of sports-related injuries, our rehabilitation services are not just for athletes, but for any active person with a musculoskeletal problem who wants to return to physical activity, including those who have undergone joint replacement surgery or have work-related injuries. Our therapists serve a diverse patient population ranging in age from pre-teens to people in their sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond.

The general aims of injury rehabilitation are:

  • to return the injured person to physical activity (be that sport, work or general everyday activities) quickly and safely
  • to restore optimal function of the injured area
  • to prevent re-injury of the same site

Rehabilitationafter injury can take some time depending on the type and severity of the injury, however managing an injury correctly using the most suitable techniques may greatly reduce the rehabilitation time for the injured person.

At Accent Physiotherapy your injury rehabilitation management program will include:

  • comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis
  • progressive mobilisation of the injured part
  • graduated exercise which incorporates stretching, conditioning and maintenance of total body fitness
  • training and testing to re-establish readiness for return to full activity, sport and work


One of our major areas of focus is post-operative rehabilitation for patients who have conditions that require orthopaedic surgery, including:

  • ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction
  • knee meniscus repair
  • hip and knee arthroscopy
  • foot and ankle surgery
  • rotator cuff repair
  • shoulder stabilization
  • shoulder arthroscopy
  • fracture repair
  • total joint replacement
  • spine surgery

Your physiotherapist will evaluate you post-operatively and develop a treatment plan. This typically involves two to three sessions per week at the start, eventually tapering to one session per week as you improve.

Our physiotherapists also treat many patients for conditions that do not require surgery, with the goal of avoiding surgery if possible. These conditions include:

  • neck and low-back pain
  • arthritis
  • hip and knee injuries
  • foot and ankle disorders
  • muscle strains and tears
  • joint sprains
  • tendinitis, bursitis, and overuse injuries such as runner’s knee, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and ITB (ilio-tibial band) syndrome
  • shoulder impingement and instability