For centuries, the healing powers of warm water have been used to rejuvenate the body both physically and spiritually. Ancient Roman, Greek and Japanese cultures used warm baths and volcanic springs to heal ailments and reinvigorate the mind. And long before Europeans colonised the New World, Native Americans enjoyed social occasions in thermal springs, using the opportunity to regenerate spirit, mind and body.

Today, Health Professionals continue to use the properties of warm water for the treatment and rehabilitation of numerous conditions. This is known as Hydrotherapy. Clinically, the buoyancy afforded by water reduces the effect of gravity, minimising the stress placed upon painful joints. The warmth of the Hydrotherapy pool soothes sore muscles, increasing the elasticity of damaged soft tissues, allowing for greater pain-free movement. Hydrotherapy can therefore be implemented in the early stages of rehabilitation, facilitating faster return to normal activity.


Accent Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services conducts Hydrotherapy for individuals at Lords Recreation Centre. The 25m pool is 1m in depth from end-to-end and has shallow steps and a rail for easy access. A hoist is also available for use should it be required. The pool is heated to 29 degrees all year round and is perfect for muscular rehabilitation. When required, equipment is used to add resistance and make the exercises more challenging and can even be implemented to support total suspension in the water when non-weight bearing activities are necessary.

After completing a thorough musculoskeletal assessment in our clinic your physiotherapist will design an individual program to suits your needs. Your physiotherapist will then organize a time to meet with you at the pool to instruct you on the correct technique for your hydrotherapy exercises. Once your program has been established, you are able to access the pool independently and at a time that suits you. Your physiotherapist will regularly review your program to ensure that it meets your ongoing needs.

Accent Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services’ Hydrotherapy programmes are conducted by qualified Physiotherapists with specialised training in this unique form of therapy.