Ergonomics is a key factor in an organisation’s health and safety profile. By ensuring your employees are more comfortable at work we can help lower stress and injury caused by awkward positions and repetitive tasks. Through careful observation of the individual’s work furnishings, surroundings, temperature, light, equipment, duties, posture and mechanics, as well as other factors such as work flow, repetition of tasks and rest breaks, we strive provide a more thorough, practical and sustainable solution to the individual and workplace. Our assessor will gain a history of the person’s symptoms and establish an understanding of the demands of their role. This information is then used to ensure that equipment and employee are correctly positioned to carry out the specific tasks.  Our co-ordinated approach involves both management and operational staff to ensure the right ‘fit’ between the user and their task/environment. Accent Physio partners with you in creating and implementing an effective and holistic workplace ergonomic program which can include:

  • ergonomic education (train-the-trainer)
  • ergonomic evaluation and risk assessment
  • equipment analysis and  recommendation
  • group training sessions
  • management commitment statements